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in this workshop we will warm up the body with exercises from contemporary dance technique, engaging spiral dynamics, release and floor work. As we build heat and sensory awareness, we will meet one another through simple touch-based exercises inspired by contact improvisation. Thirdly, we will move through a series of task-based improvisations and methods for score building that engage creativity and ask us to compose individually and collectively. This workshops is open to all levels and is especially suitable for those who are at the beginning of exploring embodied practices.


Specific thematic focus will be on an understanding of touch as an occurrence of electro-magnetic repulsion, which will inform frameworks for guided improvisation and challenge our understanding of touching, sensing, feeling and surface. In our explorations with choreography, we will be employing a framework for score-building that comes from my ongoing work and participation in public performance. This framework works to generate autonomous movement practices that participate in collective performance.


*if possible please bring with you a smart phone with a downloaded audio file of your choosing. We will be building something with it.


What: Choreographic Exercising

Where: Ernst-Meier-Str. 3

When: November 20 and 21st from 14-17.00

2G (stated differently on the poster, but changed due to circumstances)

contribution from 20 EUR

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