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This workshop is based on a repertoire of scores developed in October 2022 at the 4FT residency program. Working to choreograph improvisational fields of movements and speech, the scores invites us to exercises and perform encounters, through the embodiments of choreographed tasks, roles, and sets of relations. Both verbal and non-verbal modes of communications are called upon, as we examine the gesturing body as a somatic and collective entity.


Beginning first with the introduction and exercising of the scores developed during residency, we will move into more open improvisational fields to practice performance and composition. This workshop is designed for dancers, performers, and artists who are interested in tools, methods, and ways of performing and choreographing improvisation, with a focus on interdisciplinary and embodied approaches. The workshop will be facilitated by Kate Slezak and is open level.


About the artist:

Kate Slezak's artistic practice is interested in how embodied frameworks and practices of presence inform artistic process and performance. In additions to facilitating spaces of collective connection through workshops and courses, a focus of Slezak's work is on site-specific performance and the soma in processes of industry and digitalization. Slezak's improvisational practice is informed by studying from American improvisational dance artists such as Chris Aiken, Ishmael Houston Jones, Sidra Bell, Meg Stuart, and Keith Hennessy.

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