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Gestures from Alterity
Leipzig, DE 2022 
October 2022 4fuertanz Residency Program(Leipzig) 
November 2022, Euroscene/Studiotrade presentation 
November 2022, 4fuertanz residency sharing 
Description: Gestures from Alterity brought together artists, Kate Slezak, Chiara Mila Jason, Nils Ulber, and Pedro Henrique Risse to engage in an interdisciplinary approach to body-based practices. Through group research and choreographic inquiry, improvisational exercises were developed to be adapted and applied to educational and choreographic processes. 

Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 16.31.17.png

On November 25th  “Gestures from Alterity”  facilitated an evening of performance and participation based off improvisation scores that were developed during a two week (October) residency at 4fuertanz. Attendees participated in a variation of a score which engages processes of moving, speaking, and listening- together in a trio and exchange based structure. Following a performance by Nils and Kate, a feedback session was facilitated by members of the performing arts feedback organization, You are Warmly Invited. 

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