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holding meaning(movement score)


soften eyes

lower heart rate


we are micro

we are porous

we are seeping


allow for the sensation of our

pheromonic exchange

we are entering


states of


adaptivity and reflectivity


substance of experience

emerges a fleeting form



not dependent

on a need to fill


finding footing  in

trans fluidity




is it loving


a wet dream pools

as dripping shakes to awakening

an intimate bedroom nostalgia

in endless formless becoming human


soaked fabric

reveals curvatures

a gradient melt

solid to liquid

a pace of ice


a healing thaw from a

numb immobile casing

regain sense and feeling


new lives arranged assembled lived

materialized meaning dissolved in  reoccurring metamorphosis




heads together

Sky above

Earth below

Sun and Moon in periphery

suspended in her fluid betweens

we are neither or


--Little Works

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