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portable performer + the body and technology (portable) workshop, 2018

Shedhalle Tuebingen generate_lab! Festival

Tuebingen, Germany


Description: A sense-based improvisational performance which moved about the city accompanied by a projected text. Workshops were held on the festivals shuttle bus where participants were led through somatic exercises.


standing in a field of fog
among golden grasses
        inhaling furiously
becoming- with
        the disappearance


this performance does not run from beginning to end
occurring along the non linear transversal timespace
a synchronization of force energies
happenings clustering in points of contact



express speaking through process of poetic delusions
body voicing melds into embodied performative space
 complexities between the real and the virtual cross and fold into one another 
seemingly presented as separate but performed as whole

improvisational play in flow flux
dancing with sides of self

letter assemblages come out the fingers to string words into structured formations until a coherent idea is formed enough to infect the body of the consumer resulting in a slew stew of subjectified reactions

It doesn’t take much effort
Someone tells you to look and you cant help but see

some assemblages remain stickier than others
like when you get the line of the pop song stuck in you head
touching the affectual space

sticky like I can feel the tension
between you and me

the virtual virus doesnt have its own skin it lives through your actions
embodied memories as the trace moments of becoming
a recollection of reflections
The after life of the word body continues to form in seepage and rippling’s

word formations living dormant in virtual space
alone with no viewers but their creator
much as the memory box sits dusting in the closet
bodies aliven the assemblage of materials in usage

delivering you a sense aesthetic of ‘who I am’ through my assembled virtual body
as much as from my moving/expressing body
the non separation between this part and that part of me
we are different and we are the same
we are never just one thing

my love does not end where you begin

myself flows freely into you
does yourself flow freely into me?
sharing and dispersing sharing and dispersing
we are fragmented and we are lost
surrender your body to its potential transformation
a figure of radical immanence

thoughtidea space as endless boundless
in physical reality self gathers external materials to best patch together the dream visualization
like hunter gather collecting berries to keep body alive through the next
moving within emergent practice, materializing surprise
a contemporary boredom with the luxury privilege of time

a constant chicken and the egg
contradictory systems keep brain occupied
going both ways at the same time
a state of simultaneity
embodiment as the site of actualization
new concepts are coming up

something about control
determine your own capacities and resistances in developing your subjective agency
i want u 2 b u 2
in a non-profit way
u have ur own way
can we bypass the tradegy
recognition as responsibility
face the conflict in any way you can
you are consuming through your eyes as u are your stomach
brain gut connection
build awareness to deflect sick concepts of capitalistic consumerism
poisoning you in influential actions of narcissistic paranoia
marketers and advertisers are brain magicians but return to the body and find healing potentials understand a new definition of magick

a portable entity

Sometimes I fall into unknown portals by accident
Comes out with my hands full of slime
Find something in reality to hold it up

less and less concerned with coherence as I become less and less of a part of
you have free will to leave this spectacle
throw eggs or give a hug
declaring experimentation in free domainS 

ambiguous extremes coming out my extremities
the suffering in holding onto
let it go let it go
we have sunk into ourselves
primary indulgent
vomiting on the surface
of this virtual security
a convenient barrier between the affect of ourselves and others
our participation in fantasy prolongs its existence
poursity allows for the virtual seepage
To affect and than act it’s way out of your body into someone elses
The virus doesn’t have it’s own skin
It’s deadly in it’s dispersion

The politician plays in ambiguous rhetoric
Reciting past concepts
Praying on weak in performance of secure believability
Grand deliverance




        <<<< .. ,, —     !+!__@@   ? ?@_  *#7 &$@)— ==!_ —20 ??><++
            —+=///_<< standing in a field of fog >>+ < !~~> ? > ? >  >?::! _#($*&&@+!_ __+++ ~~~~~~~~~_ - 
~~~~~+             + ~+!_  __! +~+!_ @** ~+!_@)###?? >>< <. >> , <>

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